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With concern for the environment as a major consideration STORBURN makes a lot of sense. STORBURN introduced the "store and burn" incinerator in 1976. The new model 60K builds upon that concept with a completely new control system that is simpler to operate and a new burner designed for increased combustion efficiency. The STORBURN system represents a significant contribution towards improving the quality of life by not contributing to environmental damage.
  • No electricity
  • No water
  • No holding tanks
  • No plumbing
  • No moving parts
  • No freeze up
  • Burns either propane or natural gas


The STORBURN toilet reduces untreated human waste to sterile mineral ash and harmless water vapor. Because each incinerator cycle sterilizes the entire storage chamber destroying all odor causing bacteria, the chamber never requires washing.


STORBURN'S patented design completely eliminates the foul odor problems that are characteristic of other systems.


The STORBURN toilet is self-contained and does not discharge any effluent into the soil or harmful gas into the atmosphere. All that remains after the incinerator cycle is sterile ash.


Under ideal operating conditions a full 100 lb. propane cylinder will burn 16 maximum capacity loads (approximately 960 uses). Because of ambient temperatures, ratio of solids to liquid and other variable factors that affect fuel consumption, it is more reasonable to expect 100 lbs. of propane to burn approximately 600 uses. lt is also more efficient to burn full loads rather than partial loads since it takes virtually the same amount of fuel to preheat the combustion chamber under all load conditions.


The STORBURN toilet can be installed in virtually any heated or unheated building or enclosure. Installation is similar to a vented free-standing space heater.


Since there are no complex electrical controls or moving parts, the STORBURN does not require the services of a trained technician to handle routine maintenance which consists mainly of cleaning the burner.


The STORBURN toilet can be used 40 to 60 times in succession before incineration is necessary. It will accommodate the needs of 8 to 10 workers in an average 8 to 10 hour day or about 6 to 8 persons in a cottage or residence where the daily use would be about 16 hours.


When ready to incinerate, add 1 packet of anti-foam, close the unit, light the pilot with a built-in igniter and activate the burner. Burner shuts off automatically when cycle is complete.


The burner cannot be activated while the unit is in use. The unit must be closed and locked (much the same as a self-cleaning oven) before incineration can take place. Cycle takes up to 4-1/2 hours if chamber is full.


The cabinet is made of tough non-corroding fiberglass reinforced plastic. The top deck is heavy gauge stainless steel with a heavy duty toilet seat and lid. The storage/combustion chamber is cast nickel alloy.


Price is approximately $ 4000.00 and includes standard vent kit. Shipping & applicable taxes extra.

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Model 60 K Specifications

Model 60KPV - Propane with Vertical Outlet
Model 60KNV - Natural Gas with Vertical Outlet

Unit dimensions: Covers floor area 17-3/4" x 31-1/4" (Standard seat height)
Unit Weight: Approx. 170 lbs. (Shipping weight slightly higher)
Shipping Carton Dimensions:
Approx. 20" x 33" x 55"
Storage/Combustion Chamber Capacity:
3 gallons (US)
Gas Rating: 40,000 BTU @ 10" manifold pressure (LP)
40,000 BTU @ 5" manifold pressure (Nat.)
Burner Characteristics:
Atmospheric type. Ported Stainless Steel Tube
Gas Connection: 3/8 NPT female inlet
Gas Control: Standard gas controls
Flue Connection: 6" male collar. Standard taper
Ignition: Piezo type (no power supply or open flame required)
Color: Beige or White
Standard Vent Kit Configurations*

Vent Kit No. VKL-1M0
Vent Kit No. VKL-1M0
Vent Kit No. VKL-1
Vent Kit No. VKL-1
*Special purpose vent kits made to order on request
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Method of Operation:

Simply use the toilet. The toilet can be used approximately 40 - 50 times before burning is necessary. The full mark is the smaller leg cast into the combustion chamber on the right hand side between the two larger reinforcing legs. Once the waste reaches the top of this leg, it is necessary to burn whether it is one use or one hundred uses.

Before starting the burn cycle, be sure to add the one packet of anti-foam into the liquid portion of the waste...not on top of the mountain. Place the cover plug on and set your timer for four hours (if altitude exceeds 4,000 feet, you may have to set the timer for up to six hours). Start the burn cycle in the same way you would start your barbecue.

The burn cycle is very similar to boiling potatoes on the stove. As the combustion chamber heats up, the liquid starts to boil. As the liquid boils, it boils away the solids. If there is not a lot of toilet paper and it is allowed to dry out, it will eventually hit the bottom of the combustion chamber and turn to ash. All that should be left after the four hour burn cycle is half a cup of sterile ash that you can either vacuum up when cool, or scoop up and put on your rose garden.

The combustion chamber never needs to be washed as it does work as a self cleaning oven and disinfects itself with each burn cycle. The toilet will shut off when the time expires or the high limit switch will shut it down if it overheats because all of the liquid has been boiled away.

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