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All of the restrooms (skid mounted or on a trailer) are strongly built and are made to last and handle tough environments. Stainless steel bases make them extremely durable and reliable in operations. The outside surface has a clean nice pollish that is available in multiple colors. Depending on restroom model, the interior differs: the standard units are equipped with a flushing toilet, sink or hand sanitizer, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, waste basket, vinyl floor and walls.


If you are looking for a more upscale unit, our Elite and Deluxe Series provide a much nicer interior with a/c and heater as a standard. Other upgrades may include a generator, hardwood flooring, counter tops, speakers, stereo systems, mirrors, or special insulation and a heating system for colder climate usage. We also have the capability to include other features such as a shower, ADA compliant restroom, locker room, wine tasting room, or other specific needs - just let us know what you need and we will build it for you.


What really makes our restrooms unique compared to other restrooms is that we have the ability to provide our units with an efficient incinerating technology. By installing our ECOJOHN incinerators (WC Series or SR Series), there is no need for costly and unpleasant pump outs - simply supply the unit with propane or diesel fuel and the ECOJOHN product will incinerate the waste into sterile ash.


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Comfort Series: These restrooms are our standard units that are built to be cost effective and at the same time provide the high quality EcoJohn Design. They can be equipped with waterless or with water toilets; both using incinerating technology or a pump out option; with or without showers or extra utility rooms.

Elite Series: If you want a mobile restroom that cannot use any water, but you want something more exlusive looking - an Elite model is a great choice. These restrooms have upgraded vinyl walls, flooring, and ceiling. They are also equipped with a/c or heater.

Deluxe Series: If you have access to water and you want something more upscale than the Comfort Series, the Deluxe Series restroom models are perfect. These models also have upgraded interior as well as a/c or heater.

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